• Leané Fourie

    PNEUKLEUS Gap Year 2019

    I loved the GAP year course at PNXglobal. I have had the most fun but also learned invaluable skills such as: Working under pressure, building the confidence to speak in front of big crowds, stepping out of your comfort zone, enduring through tough times, having persistence, and having a teachable spirit and so much more. I am a very adventurous person and this GAP year got me on an adventure rollercoaster. 

    I have learned how to do ministry and got the best experiences from that,

    I have undergone spiritual growth and deepened my relationship with God. I got to discover my real potential and that your mind is your only limit. I have tried hundreds of new things in 2019 like running a half marathon (21 km’), something I would have never done before. 

    I found my calling and what I am going to study next year. The PNEUKLEUS Gap year help form my character and gave me more perspective on life.

  • Elza Kühn

    PNEUKLEUS Gap Year 2019

    This is not what you expect! It’s much much more…It teaches you LIFE! It was worth it. The best part is, no one can ever take away the experiences I got. Lastly, it taught me about INTEGRITY, how to be WHOLE and UNDIVIDED. 

  • Raché Duvenhage

    PNEUKLEUS Gap Year 2018

    My Gap Year at PNXglobal was one I will never forget. It was my year of adventure. After school, I had no idea what to do; what to do about life as scary as it was. Answer: Gap Year. I entered a safe environment where I was allowed to grow, understand what the world is like on my own, and experience amazing things that challenged me physically, emotionally and spiritually. I got to know myself in my Gap Year. I got to see that the world is a really big place. I was thrown out of my comfort zone a few times but that is the only place where you can learn isn't it? 

    My advice? Do the Gap Year! Go on a little adventure and live a little. Learn all you can, embrace new things, see what life is like. 

    My Gap year is a year I look back at with a smile. So much laughter, exhilarating moments, and fun but also so many moments where I found myself. You will learn how to cope without your parents. Your communication skills will develop so much you'll be surprised. You will be challenged emotionally (the world is overwhelming at first but after a while, you'll see its bark is bigger than its bite if you're nice to it) 

    You'll see amazing new places, meet interesting people and experience unbelievable things. Take it as an extra year of learning. All the stuff you didn't learn at school you'll learn now. Example: how to open a bank account, change a tyre, fix a leak, etc.... the list can go on and on. 

  • Zoë Nel

    PNEUKLEUS Gap Year 2018

    It was one of the best years of my life and one I'll never forget. I learned lots of invaluable skills, like how to save a life, i.e. doing a First Aid course Level 3 and learning to surf. I've grown so much as a person for instance in self-confidence and spoken up when I don't agree with someone. I've done things in the Gap Year I never would've done on my own and in the end learned that I love it, for instance, hiking Table Mountain. The best part of the Gap Year for me was that I experienced God in everything and thus grew so much in my faith. I loved the adventures because that's where memories are made. I now have some of the best memories and would do it again if I could.

  • Celeste Fenner

    PNEUKLEUS Gap Year 2018

    This program got me to be independent and responsible just after high school. Throughout the year I faced a lot of challenges but I quickly learned how to handle and get through difficult situations. For me, the Gap Year was an amazing journey with a wide spectrum of different fields that gives a lot of value to your life. The career exposure that forms part of the program was a great privilege to broaden my knowledge. Although I already knew what career I want to follow I'm glad I was part of the Gap Year, it gave me the space to find myself and build an even stronger relationship with God which I wouldn't have had if I immediately started with my studies. I got the opportunity to minister in Argentina and throughout South Africa where I got to see God changing lives and doing amazing miracles. We had a lot of adventurous activities that tested your endurance and in a good way, forced you to keep on going just for you to realize YOU CAN SURVIVE.

    The Gap Year not only taught me how to be a leader but also how to be more open-minded about things and how to see life from a different point of view. It gave me the confidence to speak up when I had to and it also got prepared me for my future.

    I was challenged physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally but in the end, it only made me stronger. This program is not an ordinary Gap Year, this program gives you just the right amount of time for fun, learning, growing and free time.

    Overall it was a life-enriching experience you can't get anywhere else.

  • Erich Minnaar

    PNEUKLEUS Gap Year 2017

    This Gap year isn't just any sort of "let's go out and about and see what job opportunities there are..." It is a well thought through, in-depth and extensive Gap year giving you extensive knowledge about the different career opportunities from me to even being a fireman to being a financial director. Not only was it a year of career opportunities but it was also a year of discovering yourself, and developing a relationship with God. In my year we had sessions where we discovered answers to my questions and we did surveys on different personalities, love languages and spiritual gifts to truly get to know YOURSELF. Besides these two factors, you also spend a year with The “Gappers" which create lasting memories and friendships! Besides the “Gappers” there is a diverse group of people studying, with whom you'll form bonds with as well and create a family and a support structure

    No other Gap Year you will find an opportunity to do more than just a gap year, from doing dancing to drama to even singing and making music this is a diverse gap year working on all your possible aspects and developing YOURSELF!!

    In conclusion, this gap year is like a chameleon with thousands of colors creating one big image of you. This year is about you. It's for you. It’s there to help you!!

    "You can’t go wrong"

A few tips from these previous Pneukleus Students:

  • Enjoy every moment, the good, the bad and the ugly…time flies by so fast! And when it’s done you are going to miss it A LOT
  • Be friendly to your first-year friends... you are going to depend on them.
  • Smile
  • Take notes
  • Try so “YES” to everything that scares you
  • Ask a lot of questions
  • Don't feed the squirrels
  • Just do it! You won’t regret it!
  • You can’t go wrong with this Gap Year, so make sure you apply NOW!

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